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Adding Value To Your Work

There are many ways to add value to your displays which helps in various ways.

1 = making you more profit

2 = making you more desirable

3 = getting you better content


• Vinyl

adding vinyl to your display and charging extra for it, it costs you pennies but you can charge pounds/dollars/euros.

Don’t forget we have a huge list of vinyl suppliers in the ‘suppliers’ highlight!

the other option is offering vinyl as a FOC extra. costs you pennies but makes you more desirable than the next person who may charge! It creates a more superior, customized / bespoke finish and design for your client.

They feel they have had a lot more for their money, and in addition the content taken from that display makes you stand out!

• Foliage/florals

• Tassels

• Small props

Once you have made these or bought these type of products you can use them more than once which makes them a great way of making quick and easy profit.

It also makes them a great way of standing out making deals and packages that once made your money back will put you ‘on top’

The extra finishing touches you can add makes your finished product better this will mean you get better content and it’s how you then get these repeat clients.

Remember what you show on your page is what you end up getting orders for!

Ultimately, you reap what you sow.

Stop thinking your clients don’t have the budget for the extras, if you have them sat in your stock room and they’re not out on that weekend, why not take them if you’re returning you collect your backdrops / frame work anyway?

Be vocal with the client to be transparent, so next time you don’t provide these additional freebies they know last time had a reason.

‘I’ve added the foliage in for you as I knew it would look better, don’t worry I haven’t charged for this!' make a point.

Making your work more polished, more finished, and let’s be honest BETTER than the local ‘competition’ is what you need to do to build that portfolio that is your Instagram.

If that means you are adding these extras FOC for a few set ups, to ensure you’re getting the content to advertise and display your work in all its glory, do it!

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