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Colouring In Easter Balloon

Updated: Mar 25

A super basic colouring in balloon design for you guys, use these techniques to create in any theme of your dreams! 

The reason I put a white latex inside was to make the colouring pens pop when the little (or big ones) colour it in. 

Along with the balloon I would sell these with the addition of marker pens. 

Chalk pens and going to give you the most opaque finish, but are definitely going to be on the pricer side. A great alternative would be marker pens in the mini boxes that you can get for kids party bag, these can be found online, on amazon and in some party wholesalers! Worth purchasing and seeing iff you like the finish on the balloon. 

I've uploaded a couple of Easter themed images that would work great with this style balloon for you to the HUB (still unsure how to access the hub? check the FAQ tab)

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