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Cutting Multi-Coloured Vinyl

Updated: Mar 26

cutting various colours using self adhesive from a single image ✨

there are many methods to do this with, from the slice tool to the contour tool, which I will also record, but hopefully this helps for now - it's nice and easy ♥️

As I mentioned, the rectangles to line up the image when transfer, are not necessary - but they do help massively when lining up lots of details - just concentrate on the rectangles lining up, and the rest is magic 🪄 just make sure you have transfer tape that covers the entirety of the image.

You can peel off the rectangle from the transfer tape once everything is picked up before you transfer it if you wish!

If you are ever layering ontop of eachother to create an image, work back layer to front layer!

Where to get vinyl? See the highlight or the suppliers post! So many options to choose from. I like Ritrama, Oracal, TekWrap, basically anything than Cricut branded vinyl!

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