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QR Code Sign

make your very own social sign with this perfect acrylic stand from Nancy Loves - don't forget they kindly offer a discount to all members (see the discount tab!)


- have a little search prior to decide what designs elements you like, a great place to browse is Pinterest and Etsy at different variations, helps get the inspo flowing! You can pick elements you like in various designs.

- one QR code works better than one for each social so your client doesn't have to keep scanning multiple QRs, this is why I have created a QR code sending them to the Linktree, that then contains links to the socials / contact. You may have more places that you are as a business, such as a website, or Linked In and these could be added to the Linktree and social icons also. Link tree has both paid for and free versions.

- less is more. do NOT overload this sign. you don't have to give everything, just get to the point. Your logo, your web address, social signs/logos and then the QR code is plenty! don't need to give what you do / what you offer / how to contact you. Let this all be within the QR code.

- I have an in-depth full tutorial dedicated to creating a free QR code uploaded already. This is called 'custom QR Code Creator'

- QR Code is MUCH easier using print and cut feature, meaning you print the QR code onto printable vinyl, and then peel it off like a sticker, meaning there's no weeding. Tonnes of P&C tutorials and explanations in the Cricut catergory.

- Use your font / elements such as graphics from you your logo so it ties in and looks more cohesive.

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