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Reel Tips & Tricks

You need to be super mindful when taking your content, taking your videos portrait is a MUST. Don’t just use still, landscape shots in your reels to fill time, they do not add value and are not needed. Sorry to say, those ‘letterbox’ style videos are a no go.

Always change the cover image, don’t use a still from the video Instagram automatically generates. Change your cover image by importing a still image from your camera roll. Go for a detailed shot or a photo of the entire display. As this is a thumbnail, cropping / missing parts of the image is fine, but again, needs to be portrait!

If you are using overlays of text on your reels, be mindful of placement, do not have it covered by the caption at the bottom of the reel, or covered by your info at the top.

Don’t ‘fill’ time and fluff it up GET TO THE POINT! Grab that views attention within the first 2 seconds. Think about the reels YOU watch and WHY you watch them, what keeps you hooked? Short, sharp clips, rather than 20 seconds of planning a set up slowly. Show details, snappy.

What time you should post will vary user to user. Find out your Insights > Audience > Scroll Down you will be able to view both your audiences active days and hours per day! Utilise this tool and stick to the figures what you’re being shown.

Hashtags – view our full in-depth hashtag post

Not being seen? So many variations, firstly, STOP reposting your video from TikTok onto IG, it has a watermark and this will NOT be shown on IG organically. If you want to upload your reel / tiktok to both platforms, edit outside BOTH of these and save with no watermarks. This way you can upload the same video twice without having that issue.

Sorry to say but sometimes Reels don’t get seen, because they’re just meh. Sorry to say it. Produce quality over quantity, take your time, watch other reel creators, not just those in our industry, and take tips / what you like about it.

If you’re new to posting reels, the views will take time, with consistent posting. Just. Keep. Going!

Making your reel sharable is another way of being seen by a wider audience, remember when you’re looking at your views, those views mean nothing if they do not benefit your business. Your audience is niche, and stick to that when promoting your content. Don’t go broad and try and appeal to everyone, instead, that piece of content – who are you targeting? Are your targeting expectant mothers? Brides? Be specific with your promotion on this, from the caption, to the hashtags to the audio!

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