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Table Number Pampas Balloon

Previous tutorial to check out 'DIY dowel stand'

Due to the weight of this, I would recommend sticking to the wooden dowel, or alternatively, a solid acrylic dowel. A maxi stick is too flimsy for this, and will just bend.

- Although I show this using a 20" deco bubble with a latex and gold foil inside, other options could be...

- Clearz / Aqua / Bobo / 24" Deco / Plain Latex / Orb

- Polyball Crystal Clear Tutorial (on the grid - 19th Dec)

Pampas - ugh sorry, I really hope this is the end of the pampas craze, I cannot STAND the feeling of being suffocated by the stuff! You can spray with hairspray to help the shed, but it definitely doesn't stop it.

Also can use faux flowers, foliage, or even fresh florals, simply use a wet oasis brick and soak so the flowers stay alive.

I know I have mentioned this previously on multiple occasions, but just want to clear up - we have a tonne of maxi cups left over. Disposing of these would simply mean they end up in landfill regardless. I would rather these were used multiple times in the office for these demos, prior to being thrown. Then they haven't been wasted entirely, this particular maxi cup has been used for already 5 tutorials itself and had plenty of life left yet!

There are new eco versions available on the market.

Please note - if you are not in the UK this ban may not apply to you.

The adaptations to these are endless, no matter what the theme!

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