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Table Top Dowel Design

cute little you’re one in a melon theme table top dowel stand!

- There’s a tutorial how to make your own dowel stands – they’re so easy to do!

- There’s a variety of tassel methods we show aswell as the one in this video!

The methods shown can be used to create any theme under the sun, a great collection option for the bulk celebration / holidays coming up – all airfilled and can be made in advance. You can even make the extras like the tassel tails / cut the vinyl / make the dowel stands / stuff the clearz WAY in advance to get it ticked off your list and have ready to go! That way you literally only have the balloons to inflate, which will take you no time at all.

Disclaimer – I apologise regarding the hand to face shade. It’s time for me to have a tan I know.

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