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Valentines & Galentines Themes

Here's some cute inspo for themes for Valentines & Galentines gifting balloons!

I think a pun / something funny can be a better for sales than just some hearts / roses / standard that you can get from a supermarket / bargain shop. Although if that's what sells best for you, there is no problem still offering these safer options! I think having the chance to mix it up is always a goodie!

Don't have to think full set ups here, Valentines gifting we know is usually lower budget / less details - churn it out, collections! Even if large set ups are what you usually offer, you can adapt your business for these holidays / celebrations to reach these clients.

Holiday / celebrations such as valentines, mothers day, fathers day, elf on the shelf, where you can sell multiple of similar / same designs can be a great way of making big £ at once.

Galentines - I know sounds funny, but come on who doesn't love love, and those insta / TikTok babes LOVE getting cute pics, so this is the time to target the girl gangs that get together, have a movie or craft night

Helium foils / Decos bubbles / mini stacks / dowel system / hat box designs etc.

Can't get foils? Try using your print and cut feature using your cutting machine to help when trying to create themes. Card cut outs / stickers / transfers.

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