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Wrap Method Pros

we know that trying new things can feel totally alien, but we also know that with the wrap method life is just simply EASIER, QUICKER and to be honest, better.

We are so passionate about teaching and educating the way we create, because we just know that organic garlands don't HAVE to take hours, they don't HAVE to make your cuticles bleed and they don't HAVE to scare you.

The wrap method allows for so many pros that the feedback we get when people have really given it a go, and allowed themselves to practice, something new speaks for itself.

We LOVE when you guys call it 'game-changing' and that it makes you fall back in love with balloons because it just makes sense, and even better when we hear you guys can make more money for your business, because you're able to offer more set-ups in a day, BECAUSE the technique is so much quicker and you're not wasting the majority of your day hot and flustered inside a garland whilst tying those pesky necks.

#wrapmethodwin - we hope you think so too!

If you've not given it a chance yet, this is the sign you've been looking for.

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