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Have you missed out on a Balloon Occasions class before, and remember that feeling of FOMO when you see the big builds and how much fun we have?

Don’t make the mistake again, and be sure to grab a ticket to secure your place on our 2024 classes right away!


2024 we’re taking everything we’ve learnt from previous years about hosting in-person classes and making them bigger and better than ever before, these classes are not to be missed!

One thing isn’t getting any bigger though, and that’s the amount of spaces per class. We know how important it is for every single attendee to be hands on, learn in small groups of max 10-12 per location, to ensure that you take away the most from each class, and you can step back and know that YOU did that, and YOU made that balloon masterpiece!


We all know that a new year means trying new things, and that means whether you are a fully fledged or an aspiring balloonie, we want you to have your ‘game-changed’ by our signature wrap method.

Say goodbye to tying necks, to bleeding cuticles and most of all, to taking hours to create your display.


Using our wrap method, you’ll never look back, being more efficient meaning you can offer more jobs because you’re no longer wasting time with those pesky necks, and you’ll get that look that you’ve been desperately trying to achieve but never quite reaching. We are passionate about our method that just simply makes sense.


As balloon educators that are still balloon stylists ourselves and offering jobs to customers, we GET it. We are right beside you talking the talk, and walking the walk. We can help from customer communication, pricing yourself correctly ensure you are a profitable balloon business, marketing yourself and standing out from the crowd to find your dream clients, and everything in between.  


Our group class days are so much more than blowing up a few balloons. We appreciate the investment you are making, so we have tailored our days to the perfect amount of theory and practical.

Starting at the beginning, learning how to inflate, shape and tie correctly, we cover all your burning questions that you have not been able to find the answers too, you’ll know by now, we’re open books!


There will be a demonstration from Chantel, showing you the wrap method in all it’s glory, and trust us, this is the part where we can really hear everyone’s minds being blown, get ready to witness a method that has changed thousands (and counting) balloon businesses forever.


In addition on this class we are showcasing how to use faux florals in our balloons, how to secure, attach and also create different floral pieces of various sizes for different displays. You will also gain the a long list of floral suppliers that we have spent years researching, so you know where to purchase once you leave the class. 


Then it’s time for the real fun to begin, working alongside the rest of the group we will continue the day by inflating balloons ready to create a large, cohesive display together, ready for the insta-worthy, Pinterest board display of dreams!

From here we take time to get ALL the content, from reel tips, taking HQ photos and even *whispers* getting in-front of the camera!


Once the day is over, the fun doesn’t have to stop there, we love seeing the friendships you guys create and walk away with from these classes, and we will have an optional WhatsApp ground for you to join, should you wish, just for your class. Perfect to share content from the day, keep in touch, support and share job offers.


It’s not just the on the day that matters, but afterwards too.

  • Class Details

    • Date: 28th Feburary
    • Timings: 10am – 4pm
    • Postcode: HP1 2SG
    • - full address is emailed in your welcome pack.
    • Food & snacks are provided, for any allergen requirements we cannot guarantee you’ll be catered to, due to cross contamination, we would ask you bring your own food.
    • Please bring yourself, wear something comfortable and bring a phone charger, we don’t want you to run out of battery when getting all the content!
      If you have any uniform, feel free to wear / bring this, it’s a great opportunity for headshots & pictures of you in action.
    • Please download the welcome pack that is emailed to you upon purchase of your ticket, and keep a copy of this safe, this will contain all information required.
    • Sometimes we end up in junk, our email address is please keep an eye out. We are manually sending over welcome packs, so please note this will not always be able to be sent instantly, but you will recieve as soon as possible. 
  • Payment Details

    We have two payment options to try and make our days as accessible as possible.

    The cost of the class is £295.
    For Balloons2Business members please check the page for an exclusive discount code for 10% off the class.

    • Option ONE:
      Payment in full upon booking.
      If you are a Balloons2Business member, please ensure you use this code when booking as we cannot refund the difference one payment is made.
    • Option TWO:
      Booking fee of £100 when booking
      Balance of £195 is due by 14th Feb.
      All payments are made on the website on the class pages, selecting the correct option. The balance option will be added as an option prior to the due date.
      If you are a Balloons2Business member, please ensure you use the discount code on the balance ONLY, please do not use this on the booking fee.

    Please note: You will be asked to fill out your address at checkout, as though you are receiving physical tickets / similar via post, you will not receive anything physical, and all tickets / welcome packs will be sent digitally (we like to save the trees that way!)

    All payments made are final, we are unable to offer refunds for any cancellations. If you have booked on and can no longer attend you are welcome to sell your ticket on, but we kindly ask that you let us know so we can ticket change details.

    If you are paying via payment plan, we ask that you do keep to the payment date given. Unfortunately, should your payment be delayed and we have not heard from you, we will assume you no longer wish to attend the event, and we will put your place back up for sale.

  • Terms & Conditions

    By booking onto our class, either full payment, booking fee, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions. Please ensure you read these prior to booking.

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