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You are agreeing to the following upon attending any in person ‘Balloons2Business' training days, including, but not limited to 1:1s, 2:1s, experiences, the balloonies tour, content days.

Please read thoroughly prior to booking on to ensure you agree.

We do not allow those who are already teaching balloons in any capacity to attend our in person days, this is due to conflict of interest.


Any information supplied or techniques taught, including our signature 'wrap' technique, but not limited to, cannot be sold on or taught elsewhere, or used to carry out your own training or teaching to a third party.

There must be a 12 month period between your last month of Balloons2Business / attendance of a class before launching your teaching page/classes.

If we are made aware that you are re-selling / teaching our 'wrap method' technique, we will pursue legal action. 

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