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So you're entering the world of balloons are wondering where to begin?

You're an established balloon artist, but you want to build your buisness,

whilst learning a signature technique that is going to change the game?

We've got you.

how do I sign up to Balloons2Business?

Through our secure provider GoCardless, via the link below, just choose your currency and fill in the direct debit form.


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Please get in touch if you require a different payment link to be created for your currency!

tell me more, what is Balloons2Business?

Launched in August 2021, Balloons 2 Business is an all inclusive one-stop learning hub for your events business. A monthly subscription private page, updated multiple times a week, aimed at all those in the industry.


Whether you’re just beginning and ready to learn EVERYTHING, or you’re confident in your creations and you want to expand your knowledge and become part of a close-knit community.


This group is aimed at creatives and events industry in business, or wanting to start a business. Our priority to help the industry whilst protecting the industry.

what's included in my subscription?

Your subscription includes all the below

(but not limited to!)

- Extensive supplier lists

- Exclusive supplier discount codes

- Our signature BO technique 

- Full in-depth balloon tutorials

- Full in-depth prop making tutorials

- Full in-depth Cricut tutorials

- Business strategy and support

- Social media support and growth

- 1:1 direct private message support

- Exclusive tips and tricks

- Q&As

- Live videos along side other businesses

- Early access to masterclass tickets

- Discounted prices to in-person teaching

- Additional community Facebook page

...and so so much more!

how much is Balloons2Business?

Currently Balloons2Business is just £19.99 for instant access to over 200 in-depth posts & tutorials, right at your finger tips!


You will never pay more than what you sign up to Balloons2Business at, as long as there is no break in your membership.


There is no minimum contract either, you are automatically placed on a one month rolling subscription. Although we would love for you to stay, you are welcome to leave whenever you wish.

I've signed up! how do I gain access to Balloons2Business?

Once you have set up your direct debit through the GoCardless link, you must email us ( ) along with:


Your Name | Address | Instagram Handle

follow us on @balloons2business

we can cross reference and accept you right away! Please note you must do this in order to be accepted.

Balloons2Business is on Instagram, an app you already have and know how to navigate, there is no need to download anything new!

Don't forget to tag @balloonoccasions @balloons2business on your stories for us to welcome you to the community!

additional information

Please ensure you read the following additional information, including terms & conditions regarding Balloons2Business. 

Upon signing up you agree to these, so please read through entirely prior to signing up.