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You are agreeing to the following upon signing up to ‘Balloons2Business.’

Please read thoroughly prior to subscribing to ensure you agree.

Setting Up Direct Debit

Your direct debit will be set up and taken through our secure payment provider, GoCardless.

Please do not submit your direct debit form multiple times or refresh prior to the process completing, this may cause you to be charged multiple times. If you are unsure if your direct debit completed, please do email us.
You will receive an email from GoCardless if it was successful, but we are happy to check this for you. If you do submit this multiple times, this is due to user error and we cannot be held responsible for this, or additional fees /payments you may occur.

We cannot offer refunds, only transferable options, such as additional month/s to cover this payment once you end your membership.


Payment Increase

You will never pay more than the membership price you joined at, as long as there is no break in your subscription.

Breaks include, but not limited to:
- If you leave, and decide to re-join, you will need to start a membership at the current membership price displayed on the website.

- If your payment fails 3x, and you decide to re-join (once the outstanding payment is cleared), you will need to start a membership at the current membership price displayed on the website.

- Any break in subscription at all or need to re-subscribe, will mean you will be joining at the current membership price displayed on the website.


Instagram Information

We have chosen for Balloons2Business to run directly from Instagram. An app that you already have and know how to navigate and use for your business. Meaning you don’t need to download a new app and learn to use.

You are welcome to join from one account only, if you have multiple team members in your business, please ensure you join from the account all your team have access to. We are unable to accept multiple accounts under one subscription. You can join from a business, or personal page. If you have a private Instagram, you must accept our follow request, failure to do so will prevent you gaining access to the page

Cancellation Information

Your membership to the private groups will be removed as soon as membership is cancelled regardless of the day of the month. Due to the amount of information provided and accessible immediately upon joining the page, any payment is non-refundable.

You are responsible for cancelling your direct debit. This can be done through your direct debits on your banking app, in bank branch or over the phone to your bank. 
Alternatively, please email us at with your full name and notifying us you would like to cancel, and we can do this for you. We cannot guarantee same day, or cancellations over weekends/non working days, therefore it is your responsibility to email with approx 3 - 5 working days prior to your next payment due. 

It is possible that cancellations up to 48hrs prior to your next installment will still be charged due to banks processing times. 

We reserve the right to cancel your subscription and membership into our groups at any time.

Membership Policy

Due to the nature of the page, we do not allow members that teach balloon methods, workshops, masterclasses or similar. This is to avoid conflict of interest and protect the hundreds of original posts and content that we have created ourselves and share on our page.

You agree that all training and information provided on the Balloons2Business page and intellectual property is owned by Balloons2Business and cannot be copied, distributed or shared with a third party. 

If you are a member that chooses to teach, please do leave the groups immediately.


We have a huge database of information on the page, including videos of our signature technique that we have created and teach. Information supplied by us on the page cannot be sold on or taught elsewhere, or used to carry out your own training or teaching to a third party.

There must be a 12 month period between your last month of Balloons2Business and launching your teaching page/classes/content days. 'The Wrap Method' is protected property by us and cannot be sold on or taught elsewhere, or used to carry out your own training or teaching a third party.

We reserve the right to cancel your subscription and membership into our groups at any time.

Payment Failures Process

At least one monthly payment of £21.99 must be taken before you cancel your subscription, if you cancel prior to this payment being taken, you will be invoiced for this payment due to access of the group being granted upon signing up. You are liable to pay any outstanding charges/payments, usually via direct bank transfer.


If your payment fails, the provider will re-attempt to take the payment up to 3 separate times.

1st Failed Attempt - You will be notified on Instagram that your first payment attempt has failed, and will be notified of the date for the next retry.

2nd Failed Attempt - You will be notified on Instagram again to let you know that the 2nd attempt has failed and your access into the Instagram page will be temporarily suspended. A date will be given for the 3rd & final time.


3rd Attempt -

Failure - Failure for the payment to be taken on a third try will result in an invoice being emailed to you, and you being notified on Instagram. Once this payment is received you can choose to either cancel your subscription or continue, to keep your membership active and access re-granted.
Please note outstanding balances can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. Your balance must be cleared prior to canceling your subscription.
Success - We will only be notified of failed payments, therefore if your payment is successful on the third attempt, please contact us on Instagram to let us know this time has been successful. We can then cross reference and get you straight back onto the group. Please be aware you must make contact with us to regain access. 

You are liable to pay any outstanding payments, you will be invoiced and contacted on both Instagram and email.
Failure to make this payment once invoice is received could mean that your outstanding payment is passed onto collection agencies, where you will be liable for any additional fees this occurs.

Exchange Rate Variable

Due to the fluctuation of exchange rates, the prices displayed on the direct debit forms are what you will be charged each month, until cancellation. At the time of creation the exchange rate is as close to £21.99 as possible, but this may peak and trough over time for the payment we receive. Your price will not change regardless of exchange rates.

You have the security of a fixed monthly subscription payment.


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