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Payment Plan Terms & Conditions


By paying your initial payment plan fee you are agreeing to paying up to two instalments to fulfil the full price of your space on the classes.


If you cancel your space on the class at any point we will be unable to refund any payments received prior to cancellation.

If you do not attend the class for any reason we are unable to reimburse the payments you have made.


You are welcome to sell your class space onto somebody else, but refunds will not be given.


We will email up to 3 days prior to installation dates, as a reminder to when your next payment is due.


If your payment is withheld or not received on the due date, your place will be cancelled and you will not be able to attend the class date. The payment/s that you have made prior to this day will not be refunded.


You are welcome to pay off the instalments earlier than requested dates at the figures mentioned. We cannot accept smaller frequent payments.


If you have paid your initial fee as a member of Balloons 2 Business, you will have a discounted ticket price. If you cancel your Balloons 2 Business prior to final payment being made, we will be unable to honour this discounted price, and you will be invoiced at full price.

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