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Acrylic Hexagon Sign

acrylic hexagon sign tutorial just for you! this technique can be used on any acrylic, whether that is circle, square, sail, rectangle, you name it!

Acrylic Info ✔️

there's a large acrylic suppliers list in the highlight labelled suppliers, I cannot guarantee where this particular one is from as it is very old!

It is 5mm thick, with two hanging holes. Size wise, it is 23.5" wide, so it is in proportion height wise however a hexagon works 🙌🏻

Vinyl Info ✔️

a nice long list of suppliers on the highlight! This is self adhesive vinyl, and the transfer tape is by the brand detape.

Hanging Info ✔️

We would use clear cable ties to hang this from displays/hoops etc.

Removal Of Vinyl ✔️

Do not use sharp objects that can cause scratching to acrylic to remove vinyl, like metal. Instead, use heat such as from a hair dryer to gentley melt the adhesive of the vinyl, and lift off. Any left of adhesive residue can be wiped off using methylated spirits. Do not use ACETONE on clear acrylic, this can damage the acrylic and cause it to go cloudy and rough.

Font Info ✔️

Shannon's - Richard Signature

Other font - Quiche Sans is very very similar, cannot find the exact one used for this tutorial but will update if found!

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