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Christmas Cracker Tutorial

I don't know if it's entirely true, but when we've mentioned Christmas crackers to our American friends, they question what they are!

So if you haven't seen one before, these are a staple on our Christmas tables here in the UK!

You pull them apart with a friend, and whoever has the cracker left ' wins' the contents and they usually have a little toy, a joke and a paper crown in them.

I've never pulled any apart with confetti inside, but tis the season to sparkle, and I don't believe in 'too much glitter!'

the great thing about making them yourself, is reducing the rubbish plastic bits most are filled with, and you don't have to spend a fortune, I've given you some ideas of what to fill them with but ANYTHING little will work!

they're also a great way of wrapping small gifts if you wanted to disguise whats inside such as makeup, jewellery, socks, accessories of any kind, tickets, days out, experiences, announcements!

PLEASE if you make these, tag us! we want to see!

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