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Door Garland Kit List

Here's an updated kit list what we're using for our doorgarlands this year! 

I've provided product numbers, for you to direct search the provided website BUT you maybe able to find them cheaper elsewhere, so please, take the name and take a little look on google, if you can get the majority of the hardware from one place, this may work out cheaper than purchasing from various suppliers. 

Sizes of things like the screw eyes / eyebolts, cable ties may vary, this is simply the sizes WE use, and find work for us. If you can only get larger, do not panic, it'll do the job. 

The miniature cable ties are to string singular baubles. The larger ones are to attach the wire to the hooks. They can also be used to string multiple baubles together alternative would be something like floristry wire. 

We prep as much as possible ahead of time, to ensure we are finished before the dark really sets in!

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