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Dried Flower Acrylic Tag


- acrylic tags are from Nancy Loves (discount in discount tab!)

- dried pressed flowers from Amazon (you are literally tripping over these online so I'm sure there's plenty of places you can get these!)

- raw edge chiffon ribbon would be a gorgeous alternative to satin to give an additional organic texture!

- this is just bog standard PVA glue, you don't need to use fancy mod podge.

- if you want it to be harder wearing try using a spray acrylic lacquer once finished over the back to seal it all in. You may need to do this with multiple things layers.

- after you've stuck all your flowers down and there's no movement, you could always use acrylic paint to paint the background if you did not want it clear like in the tutorial. you could then use an acrylic spray lacquer to seal more if you want.

- something like this wouldn't be hard wearing for everyday use, but a great hanging option / decor piece etc!

- if you wanted to create something on a much smaller scale for a keyring using acrylic, pressed dried flowers and vinyl, the best way to seal and give it the best chance of life is to finish with UV resin.

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