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Gender Reveal Inspo

kicking off our themed mood boards with gender reveal / baby shower inspo!

colour palettes, vibes, details, and even the fonts that we think would pair perfectly!

you can scale mood board to whatever you wish, whether is a deco bubble, a luxe collumn, or the full backdrops and 20m of garlands.

don't always think literally, take inspo from images, and use them where you think best.

For example, flick to the groovy baby moodbaord, those records as a backdrop YES please, but you're creating a giant helium balloon only? no worries. scale them sure small, and stick them along the balloon tail!

Inspo can be found everywhere, and made your own! Poke your head out the box, the possiblities are endless!

when offering full set ups, think how you can incorporate textures, whether that's natural wood to linen, tin to fresh flowers. Picnic tables are the ideal way of bring in all these customised elements that we are showing you, and you can offer along the way! Summer is here, and we are so excited for the additional extras that means we get to make!

Hope this gets those creative juices flowing!

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