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Kids Drawing Transfer

Get a drawing off paper, and transfer it onto anywhere, balloons, acrylic, hat boxes, clothing, you name it!

This is a really simple and easy way to make something super special and unique for your customers!


when your customer orders this, have a video you've previously made showing HOW to take the photo of their drawing.


- kids drawing on white plain paper using black felt tip pen

(kids could do the drawing in pencil, adult can trace in sharpie / felt tip afterwards!)

- take photo in natural daylight avoiding harsh shadows where possible.

- take photo directly above pointing flat, downwards - NOT at an angle.

- Scanning the image works 10/10 - some phones have this option too.

- make it clear that the quality of the image they send you is ultimately going to reflect in the quality of your print.

- for ease, do not offer the drawing in multiple colours, just stick to as single colour, trust me, only offering this will make your life a million times easier.


- Vinyl - acrylic, balloons, glasswear, keyring, walls.

- HTV - pillow cases, bags, t-shirt, hoodies, sweatshirt

possibilities are endless!

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