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Painted Acrylic Tag

IDENTIFY FONT WEBSITE - although there is a subscription option, i have never used this, I ignore and it works totally fine,m for free! this website can be used to identify fonts / similar from ALL images, so definatley should be one you get to know if you are often searching for fonts.


I literally google 'font name' free download. there as so many free font websites, including (but not limited to) / / / do be aware there are some fonts that you simply cannot get for free, therefore you may have to use a close match.


please see the highlight 'suppliers' or the grid post 'various suppliers' and there is a nice long list of various sellers of this.


onto acrylic I recommend using an acrylic based paint, as this bonds with the acrylic better. you CAN use other paints, but there is a chance it will separate / peel etc, worth testing a small area and leaving to see how it works.

never seal your vinyl. it's not required and infact CAN cause the sealent to get underneath your vinyl, and lift the adhesive. bare is best.

sealing paint - okay so remember, it's paint on plastic, ultimatley if you're using this hard, it's getting bashed around, it's going to be scratched / damaged quickly, and no amount of sealent over the paint is going to save it.

Things you CAN do to help to pro-long the life:

- use thin layers of paint and build up slowly.

- use a laquer / varnish, check it is suitable for plastic surfaces.

- UV resin coating, more work, as you would need resin and also a uv lamp. more so for small craft projects!

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