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Pinata Step By Step

Okay, so kit list please pause on the screen, I have written this on the video to hopefully help. This will vary by what design you are making.

Your template - I was able to use a circle table we had in the office. But you can use the Rasterbator website to blow up your shape / image! (There's a tutorial on this called blowing up the images)

The tissue paper I purchased from hobby craft, 10 sheets for £1. I brought lots of this, and only needed the one pack. The amount you are going to use is going to depend on the size, and how many colours you need!

Sticking your fringe on - don't bother half using on the tissue paper and half on the cardboard, just cover the cardboard in sections work up to that line, and then add more!

Pricing - I have no idea honestly. I would image this would be more a DIY situation for your personal use, unless you get asked for them. In honesty - it didn't take long at all, and I was able to use scrap cardboard, card I had in my drawer. We had everything hanging around the office, the only thing we purchased was the tissue paper, and technically I only used £1 worth.

If you WERE to offer these to your customers, I would offer them EMPTY without sweets. I would fill with paper/tissue confetti, tape down the tab on collection / delivery, and then they would need to fill it themselves and restick the tab down. Stop any liability for injury / choaking / allergies etc!

Hope you enjoyed and you will get chance to make one, I really really enjoyed making this.

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