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Print & Cut Vs Cut Image

print and cut - let's get into it!

Hope seeing these visuals side by side will help decipher if you need to cut the image or use your printer to do so. 

You can use multi-colours images to cut from vinyl, you just need to have the vinyl colours that correlate to the image if you want it to be the same.

Don't forget, if your cut logo / image is green, and you want to cut it out of black, that is FINE you can use whatever colour vinyl you wish, you are not limited to the colour you upload the image as when it is a cut file!

The max used to be 9.25" x 6.25" on a cricut machine, but there is possibility that has increased, the way of knowing this is uploading your P&C image into design space. on the right hand side a little ! in a triangle will appear if it is too large to cut, and will tell you the max dimensions your machine allows. 

You can print and cut onto anything that fits inside your printer, and is printable. This could be paper, card, printable vinyl, photo paper, water slide decal paper, printable sticker paper - you name it!

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