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Business Reel Ideas

Idea's that aren't JUST time lapses. 

If you are afraid of posting video content where you are present

just remember:

- You are your own biggest hater - stop being so hard on yourself!

- Think of one video at a time, break it down, create content if needed, edit that one, have it in the drafts, then onto the next. Don't try to create 100 reels at once and get overwhelmed.

- Try not to take yourself so seriously!

Think of the content you like to watch, what makes you interact with these videos? Aesthetics? HQ? Clear to watch? Funny? 

Remember if you talk / use a voiceover, CAPTIONS are a must, whether thats auto-generated, or you put them over yourself when you are editing your video. 

If you are using video content and using multiple clips do you hardest to pair with other video clips.

If you are using photo content to create reels, pair with other photos, try not to mix with video unless it flows nicely.


- no IG watermark on TT & no TT watermark on IG.

- portrait clips - no letterboxing above and below!

- be authentic and yourself.

- HQ footage / images.

- trending / just becoming popular audio.

- think what content you enjoy watching and why!

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