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Let's Talk Costs & Profit

Let's talk £!

Here's a breakdown of the cost of the balloons ONLY when it comes to profit margins, and why our general rule of £45-£55 a meter covers enough profit margin to not require a pic 'n' mix style price list where we do not add on X for set up fee. Y for a vinyl name, Z for this / that. This helps streamline quoting, making it much quicker and easier for us to provide the customer a quick quote.

REMEMBER these prices are not set in stone either, and you can be flexible. For us if someone was ordering 10s of meters of balloons, our price per meter may decrease, to save us pricing ourselves out of a job whilst still making large profit margins.

This is costings for balloons only, this does not take into account the hire fees we then charge ontop for hire of props / backdrops / sailboards etc. But hopefully seeing the profits at the small scale of a meter helps to see how much profit there really is per meter at a base.

We personally now have a min of 3 meter balloon policy, so ensure we are able to create the shape / style that we are known for, and not having to scrimp or scrape to walk away unhappy.

Delivery / collection is ALWAYS charged on top of our displays, whether they are 5 miles away or 50 miles away - there is a dedicated post to how we charge collection / delivery.

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