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Corporate Payment Terms

Getting into corporate work can feel like a minefield, but once you’re getting content of the larger work for businesses, this will help broaden the work for other businesses.

One of the downfalls of working with corporate - getting paid.

Payment runs / timings / waiting until after the event, all things you can come up against when it comes to getting paid.

So here’s our checklist for you:

- Understand that due to payment runs, you MAY need to fill the cost of the set up until after the event due to payment runs and timings.

- Send a proper invoice, containing all the details listed above.

(not just in a message / DM, you need a PDF attachment of your fully branded invoice.)

- Ask for a remittance advice. This is proof your invoice has been paid, and the funds are waiting to be released. Once you’ve received this you know you are good to start the work!

- our thoughts on accepting credit cards is a no go, the customer has all the protection and you have no protection at all.

**side note to get more corporate jobs a website is a huge thing they check for this most of the time, also being LTD has its benefits as well as they see it as 'legit' this will be covered more on different posts where we talk sole trader, limited, vat etc

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