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Correx Barbie Props

this definitely works well and is a cheap alternative to pricey printed MDF backdrops as they do have a shorter lifespan. we attach using an outdoor command hook (Gluit hook) and a 260q on the back. they're nice and light and dont need much support!

what is correx?

correx is a brand name for corrugated plastic.

want to see how to blow up an image ready for props?

please see tutorial named ' blowing images up' this shows this process in depth.

what paint?

acrylic or anything plastic based works best as it is being painted onto plastic, but emulsion will still work. go thin coats, less is more each time. i speak through this on the tutorial.

how would I make this free standing?

use correx to create a right angled triangle, secure to the back using duct tape.

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