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Tassel Wall Backdrop

because if there isn't a tassel wall, I don't wanna be there.

how to make a tassel wall backdrop, step by step, and i'm not going to lie to you guys this did take me a full evening, it was long, tedious and boring, if it wasn't for MAFS aus, I probably wouldn't have seen it through. BUT it was so worth it, everyone LOVED it, it had so many compliments, and made the perfect photospace. 

so details...

- the cutter you can get from Amazon under £6

- this is PLASTIC table cloth the red was pre-cut table cloth that i folded into quarters, and the two pinks were banqueting roll, both work! should you want more texture and depth,you could cut various lengths of the roll, so all the tassel lengths vary. I spent are £25-30 in total on them, 10m in each colour but had absolutely tonnes left over, this wall is 3m x 3m!

- this particular set were from delights direct,but you can get these from ANY wholesaler, party shop, ebay etc, you name it. 

- I used balloon string/ribbon to tie my tassels onto, and looped them either end and tied to the pole. I was then able to push them off the end when removing them from the photo stand, and use this to slip ribbon through to then attach to the pipe and drape. if you create the loop and slide the ribbon through, when removing you could cut the ribbon only, leaving the loop alone to reuse it each time.

- i originally made this on one of those photo backdrop stands, this was NOT sturdy enough and totally bent out of shape, and basically ruined the poles, so i did NEED a pipe and drape for the weight.

- these do crease easy, so storage of keeping them hung up or laid totally flat would be enough.

 I used approx 5 rows for this, more would give you a fuller look.

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