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Let's Talk About Captions

When thinking of a caption a few good things to consider..


First sentence…

Grab the attention of the audience, the first few lines are what’s actually seen before the paragraphs or the hashtags below.


Ask the question! Leave it open ended, so it requires a response.

This involves the audience and they will more likely respond if you're asking about THEM rather than what they think of your work! It's strange, I know. Truthfully, we get most engagement when people talk about themselves, so ask them what THEY want, what THEY like etc!


Use the caption as light hearted info/storytime that involves the audience and is interesting to read it does not have to be a sales pitch.

Hard sales don’t tend to work, but soft sales DO


Hashtags - underrated but they work!

We use hashtags as a search engine all the time - inspo - restaurants -locations etc in all aspects of our lives! So don't skip them on your work, ultimately this is the ONLY way those who don't follow you will see your grid posts, so use this to your advantage.

We've got a WHOLE post talking about hashtags called 'let's talk about hastags' take a look if you're feeling a little lost.

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