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Outdated Instagram Practices

out with the old, in with the new 

(10 points if you're now singing high school musical.)

We know things change really quickly around here, but here are some of the old go-to insta techniques that Insta tells us they're saying goodbye to in 2024. 

Jumping on trends - thinking that's how you're going to fit in.

Instead, take a topic that's trending and create content in your reels about that.

Your hashtags should be targeting your potential clients, so think locations and the service that they're searching for that you offer. If it's just reach you're after those broad, searchable are good to mix within the strategic ones. 

Creating posts that are shareable are a great way to be seen rather than the hopes you may pop up on the explore page sometime. Sharable content amongst your 'normal' posting can help keep your page on track and appeal to those that when they're clicked on your posts that's been shared, they realise what they've been missing.

Give your captions some substance, whether that's a story, a guess what! a how you are what they've been looking for. Don't just say 'here's my paw patrol for marks 3rd birthday - cute' we can see that, give us some zhoosh!

Insta's CEO was on a live telling his audience that they are in fact pushing an growing smaller accounts far more organically than larger accounts, so what are you waiting for! 

(Psst sorry for mixing up the sides of the ❌ and ✔️)

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